The MIX goes online to help fill the GDC void

The MIX goes online to help fill the GDC void

Times have been challenging for many in lots of different ways over the past few weeks, as we adapt to big changes in our lives.

With our mission to help indie teams build visibility for their games, The MIX team quickly developed new showcase plans as the landscape shifted.  Games are a great escape for people asked to stay close to home, and ongoing business opportunities for developers building the next wave of amazing games, working from home.  We’re happy to have quickly created a three day MIX Live Showcase online, which included games joining the stream from their home offices around the world as dev teams’ GDC plans un-raveled.

Of the 27 games in the stream, we had games from developers in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Eastern Europe, different US regions and more join the online showcase.

Twitch posted the streams to their home page each day of the live showcase.

For those who missed the live streams, they’re posted on The MIX Twitch channel here.

Play the Demos

Valve also came through to help provide a way for people to play demos for many games that would have been at The MIX event by downloading them to their home PCs for a limited time!

Best of The MIX

With The MIX Live Showcase moving online, we posted a form for the audience to vote for Best of The MIX picks.

Audience Top Pick: Eldest Souls

Set in a grim, dark fantasy world, Eldest Souls innovates in the souls-like genre by associating boss-rush gameplay with a high level of combat customization. The innovative combat mechanics are quick to pick-up and hard to master, offering unique layers of complexity and challenging bosses.

Audience Runners Up: Batbarian, Liberated

Trapped in a strange cave, a Barbarian and buddy Pip, a glowing bat with strange powers, must work together to defeat the traps, puzzles and monsters to uncover the eldritch secrets hidden there and find their way out in one piece.

Uncover a noir cyberpunk near-future in Liberated, where modern technology empowers government control and civil liberties are in decline. Enter the story of a rising revolution and seek the truth from both sides of the conflict.

MIX Pick: Raji

Raji: An Ancient Epic takes place right at the start of the next great war, where demons and their ambitions will drive humanity to the threat of extinction.

Partner Thanks!

The MIX Live Showcase became possible through support from partners —  the Intel GameDev Boost team, Twitch, Kickstarter, Razer and the AV Society.