Prep for The MIX, GDC Week 2016 – Developers

This page is for indies exhibiting at The MIX GDC Week, Monday, March 14, 2016.

Confirmation Form

If you have not already done so, please be sure to submit your game information through this form.

Our team posts games to the website as replies come in through these forms.

Exhibitor Space

Signage/Collateral/Your Space

We’ve arranged for signage for each exhibitor with our vendor, which is a 16″x 20″ table top sign (foamcore) with an easel attached to the back at no additional charge to you.

Please use this template for your signage:

Upload your files to this form by Monday, February 29th. We will take care of getting signs ready.

Due to the limited space available, please do not bring large form signage, including stand up or roll out banners.

Recommended information for your signs:

  • Game name
  • Company name
  • Genre/Tagline
  • Platforms planned
  • Expected release timing
  • URL


Each exhibitor is responsible for bringing equipment to demo their games.

The following will be provided (note: small number/limited quantities for some below)

  • Headphones will be provided by Astro Gaming. Bring speakers if you need them.
  • 24″ Monitors from Intel. Bring a larger one if you want.
  • A limited amount of Xbox One controllers from The MIX.
  • A limited amount of Razer Laptops.
  • There are power outlets throughout the space as well as power strips.