PAX Week Best of the MIX!

PAX Week Best of the MIX!

Guests and developers who came out for the first MIX event in Seattle during PAX week had a great time — playing games and mixing — fun times!

We had judges and guests select their Best of The MIX picks … and the winners are:

Judge’s Picks

Hardcore Gamer’s Kyle LeClair and developer David Hellman served on our special judging panel for this event.

Judge’s Top Pick: Light Fingers

This turn-based multiplayer game, played on a magical clockworks game board, has real-time action and devious opportunities for misdirection, all in the pursuit of securing more loot than your opponents.

Kyle said “Light Fingers helps bring back the party game with an abundance of style, creativity, and of course, fun.”

Judge’s Runner Up: Trackless

Guest’s Picks

From the hundreds of people who came to the event (about 600 or so), guests awarded these selections.

Guests’s Top Pick: Joggernauts

Joggernauts is a cooperative switching game about trying NOT to kill your friends.  It’s an existential crisis in three-button form!

Guest’s Runner Up: Phantom Brigade

Thanks to [email protected], PlayStation and Amazon for amazing prizes, and congratulations to all of these developers!