MIX Kicks Off 2021 with Game Dev Direct and more!

MIX Kicks Off 2021 with Game Dev Direct and more!

Visibility for new game announcements, reveals, trailers, gameplay and news continues to be extremely important, with or without physical events and traditions from past years.  With The MIX’s focus on helping games, developers and publishers build interest for their creations, we’ve been stepping things up, with Game Dev Direct from earlier this month, Black Voices in Gaming and additional content partners … highlights below:

March Game Dev Direct

The gaming community often looks forward to March as an important time of year, with a variety of physical events usually on the calendar.  Building on last year’s MIX streams, we busted out expanded MIX digital showcases along with content from partners March 13 and 14 to present many amazing games and help fill the void.

Game Dev Direct had a number of really interesting new game announcements – Chenso Club, Severed Steel and Deepest Chamber – along with developers sharing exclusive new gameplay with their commentary, platform and release date announcements — and much more.

We had guest visits from ToeJam and Earl’s Greg Johnson (from Hawaii!), Cupahnoodle and Jenny Windom, along with Nightdive Studios’ Stephen Kick and Another Indie’s Iain Garner joining the event for a interviews.

With nearly 100 games across two days, ya’ just gotta watch the archives to catch all the gaming greatness!

Amazing media and platform partners Twitch, Steam, IGN and GameSpot have continued to support the publishers, developers and the event with prominent slots on their home pages to share the stream.  We arranged for an event page on Steam as well, for fans to try out playable versions, order and/or wish list games from Game Dev Direct.

Partner Highlights

Paradox Interactive presented a brand new Paradox Insider with an inside look at upcoming titles from their catalog, featuring new trailers, deep-dives into new game content, and interviews with the developers of their award-winning games.  This included Crusader Kings 3, Surviving Mars, Empire of Sin, Stellaris, and Europa Universalis news!

BitSummit’s John Davis and J-Mon interviewed Munisix, the director and writer of the Fault series, and played through some of their favorite recent games from Asia, Super Drink Bros and Wing of Darkness.

Black Voices in Gaming

The MIX has been continuing to highlight black voices in the gaming industry with our series dedicated exclusively to presenting games from Black developers, featuring Black protagonists, and conversations with these creators, continuing initiatives from last year.

The second day of Game Dev Direct included developers of Grid-Force, Aerial Knights: Never Yield, Pupperazzi, Skatebird and Kindfolx in the Black Voices in Gaming portion of the show.

Last month, we worked with partners on two additional digital events in this series for Black History Month.  The MIX’s Justin Woodward co-hosted the Game Changers stream on Twitch’s TwitchGaming channel on February 25, followed by our February 26 Black Voices in Gaming event partnering with Humble Games.

Submissions now open for next big showcase in June – second Guerrilla Collective!

The team’s been working on plans for the next big showcase for June, the second Guerrilla Collective, which has just opened for submissions here.  This post provides a recap of the very first Guerrilla Collective from last year.