Introducing The MIX Games 

Introducing The MIX Games 

The MIX expands with games production, distribution and promotion for bringing new experiences to gamers

We at the Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) are celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Our mission, since year one, has been to help shine a bright spotlight on indie games and the talented folks behind them. We have had the honor of working with utterly amazing teams creating mind-blowing experiences. 

We created The MIX to provide indies with a platform for creating awareness and increasing discoverability. At shows like GDC, E3, PAX and Gamescom, big-budgeted AAA games normally consume all the buzz, but The MIX has been designed to give indie games a deservedly equal platform, because developers create amazing games at vastly varying budget levels.  

We continually pursue new opportunities to help build visibility for great games and experiences. With this in mind, we are proud to announce The MIX Games expansion. The MIX Games will publish fresh and interesting neo retro games along with new kinds of games in the future, delivering full multiplatform experiences through development, financial, manufacturing, distribution and marketing support.  The MIX Games releases will feature limited edition hardware systems and collectibles.  Game play in MIX Games releases deliver classic mechanics to today’s gamers in fresh new ways, with new genres and original titles in the future. 

Riot Games’ Underrepresented Founder’s Fund has contributed considerably to establishing this new business expansion and the vision for The MIX Games, including advising, resources and more.  Riot’s commitment to investments and startup programs aligns with our core beliefs.  

Tune in to the Guerrilla Collective Showcase produced by The MIX on Monday, June 13  to learn more.  The showcase begins at 1 pm Pacific time stream on and