Highlights from The MIX 2015

Highlights from The MIX 2015

As the year-end holidays get closer, we’re taking a few moments to look back at tremendous MIX programs this year.  Beginning with fairly modest origins from the indie open house hosted at IGN in San Francisco a few years back, The MIX has expanded with additional great events in Los Angeles, Austin and Las Vegas this year, helping to raise visibility for over 120 games!  Highlights:


  • Continuing and expanded partnerships: PlayStation, Nintendo, Intel, IGN, GameSpot, Twitch, Future Publishing, Epic, Unity, Open Gaming Alliance, Humble Bundle, Razer, SideFX, Tobii, Focal Press, Iron Galaxy, Surprise Attack and PDP
  • Added “Best of The MIX”: Spotlight picks at GDC and E3 MIX events this year – some standout games selected by judges and others by attendees, including great prizes from partners


  • Amazing games: Over 120 indie games showcased across all 2015 events, some which have gone on to great success already, some new discoveries that we’re looking forward to playing in the coming year!  Mike Bithell’s Volume, Rocket League, Gang Beasts, Axiom Verge, Donut County, Planetbase, Jotun, and Lumino City were some of the great games that showed at MIX events this year.

donut county

We’re working on exciting plans for 2016 which we’ll share shortly.  Be sure to connect with The MIX Twitter, Facebook and newsletter to stay informed on the latest!

Thanks to all of you that have been involved with The MIX, and healthy and happy holidays to you!