Highlights from GDC Week MIX 2018

Highlights from GDC Week MIX 2018

With more than 50 games, charming and witty press, and savvy industry colleagues, we celebrated amazing indie creations at this year’s GDC week MIX with style, panache and fun!

Pre-Event Preview @ GameSpot

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, GameSpot started the day with a live stream preview of stand out games that made an impact with their team, which they posted to their home page!

Press and Industry Guests

Journalists that started coming through when The MIX opened for the press preview hour included IGN, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Game Informer, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, US Gamer, Venture Beat, Tom’s Guide, Destructoid, Hardcore Gamer, The Verge, Waypoint, Kinda Funny, the New Yorker, Pocket Gamer, Nintendo World Report, Gamezebo, Deadspin, Dual Shockers, GameIndustry.biz, Geek.com, Indie Hangover, Indie Sense, Apptrigger, Cliqist, Vandal and more!

Along with GameSpot’s stream mentioned above, here are links to additional articles from GameSpotGameInformer, US Gamer, Hardcore GamerCliqist, IndieSense, Apptrigger and Vandal about games they liked at The MIX.

Many industry guests came to check out the games as the night continued — from PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Facebook, Intel, Google, Tencent, Discord, Unity, Yo Yo Games, NVIDIA, Oculus, GOG, Indie Mega Booth, Kickstarter, Patreon, Fig, Gamejolt, Soedesco, Jump, Devolver, Good Shepherd and Team 17 others.

Live Stream from Event

Twitch posted the live stream from the event to their home page, which helped bring more visibility to a number of games at the event!  Thanks to Mike Mahardy for hosting the stream, along with the talented production team Buddy Hutton and Tracy Peterson.

Best of The MIX


In addition to ballots submitted by MIX guests to select winners, we had a panel of judges — Tom Marks from IGN, Matt Fini from Fig and gaming artist David Hellman — help award prizes.



Additional Best of The MIX info here.

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