Great showcase night @ E3 Week MIX 2017!

Guests at the E3 week MIX event enjoyed a beautiful night on the rooftop, filled with great indie games shown by creative developers – and a welcome break from the crowds on the show floor!

Luke Henderson at Vooks sums up The MIX nicely: “E3 is a great event, there are so many games there that going hands on, or even seeing the entire show floor is impossible, which is why an event like MIX LA is perfect, it is a space for indie developers to show off their games in a much more relaxed space, with way less crowds and the occasional free drink.”

The full 52 game line up is posted on the event page and Judge’s and Guest’s Best of The MIX picks are posted here.

Games press from large and smaller outlets came over to check out the games — IGN, Kotaku, Game Informer, PC Magazine, US Gamer, Destructoid, Ars Technica, Vice, Dual Shockers, BuzzFeed, GamesBeat,, and many more!

Industry guests included folks from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Kickstarter, Fig, Kongregate, Apple, IndieCade, Adult Swim, tinyBuild, Ripstone, Soedesco and Nvidia.

Initial coverage in connection with the E3 MIX:

Lightfall  |  Riverbond










Road Rash


Tunic  |  Stifled


Shakedown Hawaii


Ninjin Clash of the Carrots


Tornado Tower


Tornado Tower