GDC Week MIX 2017 Highlights

GDC Week MIX 2017 Highlights

This post shares highlights of our 2017 GDC week went showcasing amazing indie games.

Creative, Diverse Games Showcase

The 55 games at the event showcased a variety of genres, visual styles, platforms and tech – from creative musical narrative games to multi-player arena action to VR, shooters, RPGs and more.

Best of The MIX

A select panel of judges and guests picked out their Best of the MIX choices.

Judge’s Pick

The judging panel selected co-op shooter Earthfall as their top pick.

Guest’s Pick

Guests submitted ballots for their favorite games, and they chose the charming action-adventure Secret Legend.

Runners up and additional game details posted here.

The Event

The MIX moved to a new location for this year’s GDC, which guests really seemed to enjoy.

Once again, GameSpot helped get the MIX event day off to a great start, streaming six of their favorite games, along with this feature shout out on their home page:

We hosted a stream from the venue, which Twitch also posted on their home page.

The talented Danny O’Dwyer MC-ed the stream, with production provided by the skilled team at Area 5.

Patreon posted this article about 10 games they loved at the event.

Indie Devs Are Taking Over: The 10 Hottest Indie Games from GDC 2017


Press guests included editors and journalists many excellent publications, including IGN, GameSpot, Polygon, PC Gamer, Game Informer, Glixel, New Yorker, Rock Paper Shotgun, Destructoid, Ars Technica, Waypoint/VICE, Shack News, Nerd Reactor, Dual Shockers, Nintendo World Report, and more.

Industry attendees included folks from PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Intel, Oculus, Patreon, Facebook, Unity, Twitch, Humble Bundle, Kickstarter, YoYo Games, Fig and Execution Labs.

For those of you who weren’t able to make last week’s MIX, we hope you can check out some of the videos and photos posted here, and we’ll see you at a future event!