Flashback a few years: Summer was quickly approaching; E3, gamescom, and other events were moving toward cancellation; and developers and publishers were working on identifying alternative ways to gain visibility for amazing games.  As we at The MIX have been organizing summer showcases during E3 time for years and focus on boosting discoverability for great games, our team started actively working on new online showcase plans.

Raw Fury had similar ideas and had been chatting with others about all this.  We combined forces, and started gathering developers, publishers and partners to create a new online showcase guerrilla marketing style!  Teams of all sizes banded together – Larian, Sega, Paradox, Funcom, Rebellion, Coffee Stain, 11 bit, Humble, Good Shepherd, Whitethorn, Modern Wolf, HeadUp and many more – and the first Guerrilla Collective was born!

Guerrilla Collective has been growing and evolving to become a key anchor showcase for many in this third year of the event.  Continuing to shine a light on the breadth of outstanding games from teams of all sizes from around the world, this year’s Guerrilla Collective was in many ways the best to date!

Games, Devs, Publishers

GC3 week streams included first time exclusive new game announcements for Curve’s From Space, Assemble’s Mira: The Legend of the Djinns, Graffiti Games’ Ugly, Modern Wolf’s Witch Strandings, new gameplay and trailers from Raw Fury, tinyBuild, Humble, Thunderful, 11bit, 505 Games, Team 17, Finji, Akupara Games, Merge, Skybound, Versus Evil, Neon Doctrine, Critical Reflex and much more.  Full stream archives viewable below.


Industry partners have been instrumental in helping to establish this new showcase.

Twitch, Steam, IGN and GameSpot shared the showcase from their home pages again this year as they have the past two years.

Industry and publisher sponsors have helped provide funding and support to make this all possible: PlayStation, Tencent, Razer, 11bit, Akupara Games, All in! Games, Assemble Entertainment, Aurora Punks, Freedom, Graffiti, Gravity Game Arise, Herocraft, Modern Wolf, Raw Fury, tinyBuild and Wired Productions.

Three Big GC3 Dates for 2022

Black Voices in Gaming kicked off the week on Wednesday, June 8.  Derrick Fields and Destinee Cleveland guest hosted and welcomed guests Adam Kareem (Protodroid DeLTA), Beloved (5 Force Fighters), Jordan Scott (Arbiter), Scott Popular (Ninjaman and the Six Gold Chains) and Khalief Adams (Spawn on Me).

Saturday, June 11 moved into the GC3 Showcase, with contributions from almost 50 developers and publishers – new game announcements, trailers and gameplay, plus game code giveaways.

The partnership with Wholesome Games which began last year, continued for 2022, with the Wholesome Direct showcase beginning immediately after GC3.

GC3.5 on Monday, June 13 featured 25 more games, including selections from this year’s upcoming BitSummit Japan show!

And that’s a wrap for GC3!

Guerrilla Collective will return next June and the next showcases produced by The MIX team will be announced soon!