UnderMine is an action-adventure, roguelike with a few RPGish elements tossed in. Delve into the UnderMine as a lowly peasant seeking fortune and freedom. Each journey promises challenge, discovery, riches, and untimely death. That’s okay though, because your belongings will be passed on to the next peasant, who will hopefully do a little better. Use the gold you find to upgrade your character, unlock new abilities, and craft some powerful items to be found later in the UnderMine. Discover friendly and unfriendly characters, some of whom you can befriend to help you in your journey, and the others… well you will just have to deal with them another way. Finally, test your skills and your strategy and face enormous bosses who will rock your world, because some of the them are rocks.

Release Platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux