To the Stars

To the Stars

Stellar Cartography Interactive


To the Stars is a tactical roguelike deck-builder.

What’s a disgraced captain of a renowned treasure-hunting brigade to do when they fail to make a name for themselves? Open a universe-wide touring service, of course! Surf a procedurally generated sea of stars while recruiting a group of … quirky, yet talented alien crewmates. Utilize their distinct abilities to overcome the perils of alien worlds and, most importantly, ensure guests have a great time aboard your spaceship.

Tackle galaxies full of randomized scenarios, with the quick thinking of a true con artist, the expert guidance of a captain, or simply the raw PEW PEW SMASH power of a seasoned celestial barbarian – whichever makes more sense at the time. Sustain a diverse crew to guarantee passenger safety and keep the business thriving

Release Platforms:

  • PC
  • Switch