The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home

Daedalic Entertainment


FROM THE BRIDGE OF YOUR SHIP, YOU SEE A MILLION POINTS OF LIGHT. ONLY ONE OF THEM MATTERS. HOME. It was only supposed to be a short trip. But when your jump drive malfunctions, you and a mismatched crew of specialists along for the ride find yourselves trapped and alone on the wrong side of the galaxy. The only way back is through. Forge alliances with strange alien races. Explore distant worlds for the secrets and technologies they hide. Harness your crew’s skills, from archeology to diplomacy. Make deals and moral decisions that change the universe. Do whatever it takes to survive. And every game, enter a new galaxy. Will you find yourself welcomed by traders and noble warrior knights… or surrounded by pirates, psychopaths, and an unspeakable cosmic horror that threatens to snuff out the stars themselves. One destination. Endless adventures. Where will your Journey take you?

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  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox



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