The Last Sky

The Last Sky

Little Guy Games


A narrative-focused game, where players will guide Jake, a PTSD-afflicted air force veteran, as he faces the demons of his past.
Tormented by his past actions, Jake embarks on a shamanic journey guided by the enigmatic Tarak – in a quest to put his demons to rest. Players in The Last Sky will need to search through Jake’s surroundings in order to solve puzzles that reveal moments from his life. Each item players come across holds some semblance of Jake’s memories, some take him back to moments of childhood that he remembers fondly, while others are locked deep in his subconscious in fear of what they may require him to face. As players piece together more puzzles they’ll also delve deeper into Jake’s mind, taking them into a surreal dream state where time, space, and reality meld together.
Combining 3D puzzles with 2D platforming, The Last Sky will challenge players to solve the ultimate puzzle of Jake’s fractured psyche while inviting self-reflection through the game’s flowing atmosphere. Featuring full controller support and an atmospheric soundtrack, The Last Sky is an immersive and emotional single-session adventure in which player choices shape the path to Jake’s recovery and acceptance.

Release Platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOSX


Release Date:

February 2020