The Last Friend

The Last Friend

The Stonebot Studio


The Last Friend is a tower-defense game beefed up with strategic Beat ’em-up elements, where players must balance their attack and defense tactics to defend their mobile dog shelter.

The game’s storyline follows the aftermath of a worldwide chemical war that few humans survive. The remaining humans are divided into two factions: Survivors, who are trying to rebuild the world in a sustainable way, and Mutants, who are doing just the opposite. Our main character owns a mobile shelter where he cares for his canine friends – especially now that dogs have become a food source for mutants! The Last Friend must keep hordes of mutants at bay using an array of traps, turrets and his very own fists!

Release Platforms:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • WiiU
  • Nintendo
  • Switch



Release Date:

April 2019