The Feud: Wild West Tactics

The Feud: Wild West Tactics

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The Feud: Wild West Tactics is a turn-based tactical western game all about gun-blazing, shotgun blasting, knife stabbing, and dynamite throwing action in the wild West.  Loosely based on the the infamous battle of two families, the Hatfields and the McCoys, that raged from the mid-to late 1800’s across the Appalachians, it features special storylines from each side that only the grittiest gunslinger will survive.

Players blast their way through three storylines, bolstered by a posse of unique characters, each with a ton of personality and grit. Leveling up and learning to use your “family” effectively is crucial, as only the hardiest gunslingers can expect to go the distance. Player avatars can be customized and join the ranks of “Devil Anse” Hatfield, Randall McCoy, Jim Vance, and “Bad” Frank Phillips through 32 missions.

Players can also try their hand at building their western empire in the Western Saga Mode. Using a traditional 4x strategy model, players will capture resources and territory, research upgrades, explore and investigate events, hold up wagon trains, hunt down fugitives, and – most importantly, drive off other enemy families for good. There is even a Skirmish Mode for quick shoot-outs. Releasing imminently is the new Survival Mode, where players select their five favorite characters and see how long they can last against waves of deadly enemies.

Key Features:
o Turn-Based Tactics in the Old West – Focused on small team battles, players need to learn their characters’ abilities and specialties to survive. The Enemy talent system gives enemies a personal touch, with harder battles differing with each play-through.
o Upgradable Characters – Characters evolve as players progress through the storylines, choosing new abilities and developing existing ones; and equipping them with a variety of items.
o Rich Story Mode with Multiple Storylines – 3 storylines and 32 missions with unique maps move players through a range of challenges. An advanced difficulty mode provides the ultimate challenge for seasoned gunslingers.

o Western Saga Mode – A massive metagame that challenges players to build the ultimate western empire by taking over 3 enemy factions from either side. Players explore, research, recruit. and conquer. Multiple difficulty settings including hardcore provide a repeat challenge
o Skirmish Mode – Players band together a posse of hired guns, heroes, or combination of the two for a quick, endless series of challenges on a variety of maps to earn in-game achievements and become the hardiest gunslinger.
● 11 Hero Characters
● RPG-Style Item System
● Classic Western Weapons
● Special Weapon Abilities
● Deep Research Trees
● Dozens of Dynamic Events
● Randomized World Map
● Diverse Locations
● Unique Perk & Quirk System
● Classic Western Standoffs
● Cinematic Action Camera
● Sweeping Original Soundtrack

Release Platforms:

  • PC