Tabletop Gods

Tabletop Gods

Ghost Fish Games


At the start of a match, players choose which faction and tabletop battlefield they wish to play on. Each player owns a number of adjoining regions on their side of the table, each with its own Stronghold. Players can only deploy troops and build defenses in regions they own, or in enemy regions whose Strongholds have fallen during battle. To win, players must destroy more enemy’s Strongholds than their opponent. The match is played over three rounds. At the start of each round, players have a short amount of time in which they may spend a finite amount of Mana to place defensive towers and traps in secret. They can further surprise their opponent by swapping out one of their six troops for a faction-less mercenary troop, or switching out the two types of spells they’ll be using in the upcoming War phase. In the War phase, players use their precious and slowly recharging Mana to deploy their troops into regions they control or into regions where they have previously destroyed one of their opponent’s Strongholds. Once deployed, troops act on their own, according to their behavior, so learning how to cleverly place and combo troops, while managing their Mana, is key to a player’s success. Like the players’ defenses, some troops target only other enemy troops, whereas some concentrate on destroying Strongholds and defenses. Others can do both, but all have their own strengths, weaknesses and unique utility. Timely use of powerful spells can mean the difference between success and failure. Both Power Spells and Tactical Spells cost Mana to cast and need to recharge between uses. Tactical Spells have an infinite number of uses whereas Power spells are limited, but very powerful and must be used sparingly. At the end of a round, all troops are removed from the table and the next ‘Prepare For War’ phase commences, allowing players to regroup, place more defenses and switch up their strategy. At the end of the third and final round, the player who has destroyed the most Strongholds is declared the winner.

As development of the game continues, more factions, mercenaries, spells, traps and towers and tabletop battlefields will be added to expand the game and add even more variety.

Release Platforms:

  • Windows
  • VR
  • Other



Release Date:

January 2019