System Shock

System Shock

Nightdive Studios


You awaken from a six month healing coma and find Citadel Station, TriOptimum’s premier research facility, coated in blood. Mutants feast on their fellow crew mates, nightmares of flesh bound to metal roam the dark hallways, and the station’s A.I., SHODAN, is aiming Citadel’s mining laser…at Earth!

Your military grade neural interface is all that stands between humanity and the silicon god coming to remake Earth in their vision.

System Shock is a remake of the beloved PC classic. Updating mechanics, graphics, and enemy A.I. – System Shock is here to offer a new generation of players a chance to go toe-to-toe with one of gaming’s iconic enemies: SHODAN. Fight, hack, and save humanity from a fate worse than death itself.

Release Platforms:

  • PC
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation