Space Sluggers

Space Sluggers


It’s the year 2560 A.D. and Earth’s imperialist space expansion plan is well underway. The Space Sluggers were established alongside galactic colonization as a necessary legion to protect human interests, but recent years have seen a rise in off-planet attacks by what seems to be a coordinated alien force. Earth’s only hope is to strike back, hard and fast, against this unknown alien force. Thankfully, total alien annihilation is the Space Sluggers’ specialty. Space Sluggers is a fresh take on the hack-&-slash, action-RPG genre, set in a bugged out version of Outer Space. A single player and co-op multiplayer game, Space Sluggers is a fast paced, in-your face, space romp of the highest order – reminiscent of all the best Sci-fi movies you ever saw!


Release Platforms:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux