Double Eleven


Songbringer is a sci-fi, pixel, action-adventure game in which one journeys through procedurally-generated, Zelda-inspired worlds.  When you begin a new game, you provide a 6 letter seed, which propagates the world with a maze of over-world screens, dungeon placement, and even generates dungeon interiors. Songbringer has a heavy combat-centred focus, allowing the player to unlock and even craft a wide range of melee, ranged and incendiary weapons.

Songbringer is intended to appeal to fans of retro titles, as well as the speed running and indie-friendly player communities. The game has a strong nostalgic aesthetic, mimicking the feel of 80s action adventures but with a modern style and polish.

Brief details:

Single-player real-time action adventure RPG
Local co-op two player mode
Original soundtrack
Gamepad support
Procedurally generated – over 300 million possible worlds
World generator based on six-letter seed, generates the same world on any platform
1 overworld, 9 dungeons and bosses, 30+ combinable items and hundreds of secrets
ICraft items using combinations, for example: teleport orb + fire cube = fire teleport
Roguelike-inspired permadeath option with extra rewards for players
Online leaderboard
Epic science fiction narrative

Release Platforms:

  • Xbox
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • PlayStation



Release Date: