Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

Rogue Snail


Long ago, in a distant part of our galaxy, the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis was the sacred home of the legendary relics of power. The evil Duke Ducan sought these artifacts to rise his ducks to power and rule the galaxy. But the Spaceheart and its crew of Relic Hunters arrived at the Asteroid, ready to ruin his plans.

Follow the crew of Relic Hunters that took the shooter looter community by storm as they Run, Gun, and Dodge their way through unrelenting forces as you procure the legendary relics of power and stop the Ducan Empire’s plan to rule the galaxy. Each with their own strength and weaknesses, take control of one of the Relic Hunters as you play through different modes in this ridiculously smooth shooting roguelike. Power-ups, a bounty of weapons, cute unique characters, and a dedicated community of over 1.5 million players have perfectly blend together to create an experience that has been years in the making.

Release Platforms:

  • Switch



Release Date:

August 2019