Nima is a story about an tibetan shepherd boy. After the death of his grandma Nima is forced to  embark on a lonesome and dangerous journey through the mountains of the Himalayas. During his travels Nima discovers that he possesses special powers. Nima will have to go thogut with powerful spirit creatures while trying to escape the soldiers chasing him.

In this artistic puzzle-adventure game the player assumes control of Nima, and moves him around on a giant rubiks like cube. The player will have to rotate, and otherwise manipulate, the environment to solve the puzzles and pass each level. The player must clear a way, while making sure to pick up collectibles and avoiding death to soldiers, evil spirits, and the menacing Himalayan wildlife.

Release Platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows



Release Date:

November 2018