Mr Future Ninja

Mr Future Ninja

Huijaus Studios


Mr Future Ninja! – a stealth puzzle for iOS  & Android devices. An evil scifi corporation has abducted ninjas and making experiments on them. They plan to clone their own ninjas to sell them as mindless servants in service called “Mr Future Ninja!”. You’re the last remaining ninja, and the only hope to free your clan and bring down the corporation. Three ninjas stealth around a neo-Japanese sci-fi skyscraper. Each ninja has their unique skill: player can distract guards by throwing shurikens at vending machines, dodge from security radars by dashing, or take foes out from behind. Mr Future Ninja mixes puzzle platformer with stealth. Think of Lost Vikings meets Metal Gear Solid in a surreal jungle of neon lights.

Release Platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android



Release Date:

In-development (Unreleased)