Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

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Build and expand your very own settlements in high mountains!

Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a challenging city builder which tasks the player with creating a new home for their people up in the mountains. However, establishing a flourishing city in harsh upland conditions is not an easy feat. The player will need to carefully plan production chains and satisfy various needs of their three-caste society while dealing with mountain hazards such as weather breakdowns and avalanches.

During a campaign or sandbox playthrough, the player will establish multiple towns, each on a unique mountain with its own traits. All towns co-exist in symbiosis, creating a trading network, which can be then adjusted to players’ needs by revisiting already developed settlements.

The game is set in a fictional universe loosely inspired by the culture and architecture from the region of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Your kin has been forced out of the lowlands by a mysterious, deadly fog – now you need to rebuild the Kingdom of Laysara on the mountain heights.

Release Platforms:

  • PC