Inertial Drift

Inertial Drift

Northern Softworks


Inertial Drift is an arcadey drift focused racer in the style of PS1 classics like Ridge Racer, with a unique twin stick control scheme inspired by the Skate series and beautiful stylised visuals.

Racing games are all about handling feel. With Inertial Drift we wanted to create something genuinely different from any other arcade racer. To that end, the game’s core driving mechanics involve the use of the left and right analogue sticks to give independent control over steering and drifting respectively. The “Drift Stick” gives your control over your car like you’ve never had in any other game. In addition, car balance can be manipulated through application of throttle and brakes, changing the handling characteristics of the car. Each car requires a different combination of these elements to reach it’s ultimate pace, creating vehicles with truly distinct driving experiences.

In combination these features allow even novice players to pull off amazing drifts that would be very difficult in other games while also providing tons of depth to explore for more advanced players. We think the end result is a genuinely fresh racing game experience and we hope you agree!

Release Platforms:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Windows



Release Date:

June 2019