Hotlap Heroes

Hotlap Heroes

Team Pea


Hotlap Heroes is a local multiplayer racing game designed to get everyone in the room playing together – we wanted to make something fun, simple and accessible to all players – even people who wouldn’t consider themselves racing fans. Hotlap Heroes was developed by us; Team PEA – a 3 man team that decided to take a little time out from our jobs and make a fun social game without having to worry about the restrictions and pressures of a big commercial title. We wanted to make the kind of fun multiplayer orientated experience that we ourselves have always wanted to play. At the time of Hotlap Heroes inception, Apple TV had just launched, with it’s potential to become the next big thing, it seemed like a good target for an innovative party play multiplayer game. Out the box, Apple TV only really supports “pass the remote” local multiplayer gaming. We wanted to expand on this and give players a more involved multiplayer experience by allowing up to 8 players to use their own smartphones or tablets as the controller. We intend to launch on the Apple TV first to keep us focused. However, we’re also considering following up with other platforms soon. With Unity, this is obviously a breeze and we’ve already got it running natively on the Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Release Platforms:

  • Apple
  • TV



Release Date:

In-development (Unreleased)