Heat Signature

Heat Signature

Tom Francis


Heat Signature is a game about sneaking up on randomly generated spaceships and going inside.
You fly around in a little ship with no weapons, trying to use your thrusters sparingly to slip by the heat sensors of larger ships. If you can get close enough, you can dock with their airlock and walk on board their ship. Inside, you’ve got to avoid patrolling crew by hiding or knocking them out, and sneak your way to the helm to subdue the pilot and take over the ship. That much is already working. By GDC, I should also have the rooms inside a ship corresponding to its thrusters, turrets and other systems, and you’ll be able to sabotage or control them. I’ll be letting people play for two hours at IndieCade East on the 14th of Feb, but other than that it’s never been playable.

Release Platforms:

  • PC