Gameheads is a youth program at United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub. We use video games design, development and DevOps to engage, prepare and train low-income youth and youth of color ages 11 to 24 in the Bay Area — and advance tech inclusion. Through a powerful medium they are familiar with and passionate about, our youth learn how to code, design, manage projects, work in teams, lead, and create interactive projects that tell stories to enrich us all. In the process, they are graduating from high school, getting into college to pursue STEAM-related degrees and preparing themselves to enter the tech and video game industries.


Featured Game – Unthanked Hero

Aisha Walker is not really enjoying her job as a sidekick. She is forced to be the mature one and handle the responsibilities of Zac Myers who is known to be the “hero” of the town. Behind the scenes, Aisha does all the hard work while Zac steals all the credit she has done. She feels she deserves some sort of recognition whether it be through Zac or by the public. With a sudden turn of a events, she just might get that chance.

Featured Game – Gemini

Gemini is a top-down, corporate thriller full of excitement and tension. Sneak past enemies, persuade, interact and distract your co-workers as you make your way through Gemini Cloud Co. on your journey towards exposing its corrupt CEO.

Release Platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac