When the Earth falls to an extra-terrestrial invasion, humanity becomes an endangered species. Earthfall™ is a frenetic 4-player co-op shooter where you can team up with friends or play alone to save the world from the alien hordes. Explore the environment and search for over 20 different kinds of weapons, or use 3D printers to print your own! Using advanced technology like automatic turrets, deployable barricades, or mounted guns, set up your defenses to channel the enemy into kill zones and exterminate the enemy. Battle your way through 10 epic levels that tell the continuing story of humanity’s struggle to survive. Every playthrough is a unique experience, with dynamic spawns and reactive enemies for maximum replay value.  With drop-in/drop-out action you never have to sit in lobbies waiting for a game to start, just jump in and get to blasting! Can you handle it? When the world ends, the fight begins!

Release Platforms:

  • Windows
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox



Release Date: