Chenso Club

Chenso Club


Chenso Club


It’s raining aliens! When killed, they leave behind a life force that brings inanimate objects to life. Only the Chenso Club can stop them in this chainsaw-splitting, side-scrolling, brawler / roguelike / platform fighter.

The Chenso Club is a group of girls-turned-fighters who are using the aliens’ life force to beat them at their own game.


Blue – is an android who “woke up” when the aliens swarmed her lab and their life force seeped into her power core. She wields a mean chainsaw.

Carmine – is a royal guard who was armed with a hammer when the aliens stormed the castle. They’ve taken the king hostage, and she’s not happy about it.

More characters will be revealed soon!


The Chenso Club girls like to show off their newfound powers. Learn their moves and collect power ups to see what these fighters can do. Two game modes are available now: Endless, a chaotic marathon that gets harder as you play, and Versus, an arena-style match between two Chenso girls.

You can play solo, but Chenso Club is even better with a friend – couch co-op or online. Team up in Endless mode to kick ass together, or go head-to-head in Versus mode to battle for the spotlight!

Release Platforms:

  • Switch
  • PC