Paper Cult


Betrayed by his partners and left for dead, Mr. Wolf is hell-bent on enacting his revenge – alone, and vastly outnumbered.

Thankfully for Mr. Wolf, in Bloodroots the world is your weapon. In this relentless action game, you’ll choreograph spectacular, ultra-violent combos by making use of everything around you, from hatchets, to ladders, to…carrots? It’s improvise or die, as Mr. Wolf fights his way to the center of the mystery: why was he betrayed?

* A world overflowing with tons of unique tools that not only change the way you fight, but how you get around
* Improvise the most deadly combos and compete for fame on worldwide leaderboards
* Fight your way through a variety of hand-crafted levels, from forests to mountaintops
* Experience a twisted Western revenge tale with a deranged cast of characters

Release Platforms:

  • PC



Release Date: