Bizarre Barber

Bizarre Barber

Synesthetic Echo

Bizarre Barber


Bizarre Barber is a fast-paced VR action game set in a surreal world where you play as an alien barber providing stylish haircuts for eccentric clientele. Instead of a comfy adjustable chair you’d see in most barber shops, all of your clients move chaotically through the world unable to sit still even for a second. Players will make perfect cuts, dodge dangerous obstacles, catch speed boosts and power-ups, and even earn money to unlock new tools and new worlds. Can you keep up with the bizarre styling trends and hyperactive pace of this surreal metropolis?

Bizarre Barber’s core foundation is super simple, intuitive, and responsive. The single step mechanics, from cutting, shaving, and brushing, to blow drying, feel pleasant and rewarding in virtual reality. There is no better way to replicate this level of physicality, accuracy, and immersion than with  6 degrees of freedom VR.  The experience is intuitively clear for players of all ages and backgrounds. The gameplay encourages players to employ various strategies, whether it is calculating the angle for the perfect move or to just be very fast, physical, and chaotic.

Bizarre Barber is a winner of Oculus Launchpad Grant 2019.
Prototype development was supported by Play NYC
Developed by Synesthetic Echo.

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Release Date:

July 2019