All I Have is Time

All I Have is Time

All I Have is Time


All I Have is Time” is a 3D side-scrolling time-travel game about grief and the inevitability of death. It is a story driven action-adventure that follows the life of Nezza, through 3 decades of her life.

As a child she witnesses an explosion that destroys her hometown and kills everyone she loved. Devastated, she falls into a phase of despair during which she discovers her ability to jump between her childhood, adulthood and old-age. To Nezza, this new power has only one purpose: preventing the catastrophe from ever happening.

Players will have to navigate through multi-layered levels and puzzles to advance. Interactions with crucial NPCs will affect present, past and future and help or hinder Nezza. The environment changes between the three timelines, affecting gameplay and playing a central part in telling Nezza’s story.

Players will have to make tough moral choices and learn that their every action will have strong repercussions and time-bound consequences throughout the game.