Affordable Space Adventures

Affordable Space Adventures

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Affordable Space Adventures


Enjoy all the thrills and excitement of space exploration on a budget?
Uexplore brings you affordable space adventures without compromising comfort, fun and safety. Our newest Small Craft (TM) line with its intuitive and simple Heads Down Display technology offers all the functionality and flexibility of the Heads Up Displays installed in more expensive space ships, but at a fraction of the price. Suspenseful stealth puzzling: How do you configure and control the system so you don’t get seen, heard or otherwise detected? Experience thrills, spookiness and beautiful areas of the world crafted and designed by Swedish indie game developer “Nifflas”. Multiple difficulty levels ranging from family friendly to extremely complex. Play with your friends and control the ship together or take on the challenge alone. A game that truly utilize the potential of the Wii U hardware.

Release Platforms:

  • Wii
  • U
  • CAT-I