First Guerrilla Collective 2 Details Announced!

First Guerrilla Collective 2 Details Announced!

Press release below shares first details for next month’s Guerrilla Collective, produced by The MIX!

Guerrilla Collective 2 to stream new game announcements,
reveals and more from studios of all sizes to gamers worldwide

June 5 and 12 starting 8 am Pacific | 5 pm CET

This year’s edition of the Guerrilla Collective digital videogames event, following up from last year’s successful debut, today announces first details for the first two Saturdays in June!  The Guerrilla Collective formed last year with a global coalition of leading game studios, publishers and industry leaders coming together to help bring new announcements, gameplay and reveals from studios of all sizes direct to viewers worldwide.

Along with wide ranging game, footage, guest and news-filled showcases, the two day celebration will include partnering with Wholesome Games to premiere the next edition of Wholesome Direct, as well as a continuation of the Black Voices in Gaming series which started last June and has expanded considerably since. Schedule overview:

Saturday, June 5 

8 am Pacific   | 5 pm CET: Guerrilla Collective Showcase

10 am Pacific | 7 pm CET: Black Voices in Gaming

Saturday, June 12

8 am Pacific   | 5 pm CET: Guerrilla Collective Showcase

10 am Pacific | 7 pm CET: Wholesome Direct


The Guerrilla Collective channel will stream the full digital event both days.  Co-streaming partners will also include /TwitchGaming, IGN, GameSpot and the Guerrilla Collective event page on Steam.

First Content Announcements

This year’s Guerrilla Collective will feature over 80 games from teams including 2Awesome Studio, 505 Games, Akupara Games, All in! Games, Goblinz Studio, Fellow Traveller, Good Shepherd, Graffiti Games, Humble Games, Headup, Hypetrain Digital, Innersloth, tinyBuild, the newly rebranded Neon Doctrine (formerly Another Indie), Perfect World, Raw Fury, Superhot, Thunderful, Versus Evil, Whitethorn Games and more!

With the event page on Steam, fans can check out demos, wishlist, purchase or pre-purchase many of the games featured in these digital events.

The Black Voices in Gaming segment continues the series which debuted for the first time in last year’s Guerrilla Collective and has continued with regular installments this year.  Black Voices in Gaming highlights black voices in the gaming industry, dedicated exclusively to presenting games from Black developers, featuring Black protagonists, and conversations with these creators.

Wholesome Direct is an independent, volunteer-driven showcase organized by the Wholesome Games community to spotlight uplifting and thoughtful indie games. Tune in for exclusive footage, developer interviews, and announcements from over 75 wholesome titles. Learn more by visiting

Sponsors for next month’s Guerrilla Collective include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kickstarter, Razer, 2Awesome Studio, Akupara Games, All in! Games, Goblinz Studio, Graffiti Games, Headup, Humble Games, Hypetrain Digital, Neon Doctrine, Raw Fury, Thunderful, tinyBuild and Whitethorn Games.

The Guerrilla Collective will have additional details to share as the event approaches. To keep up with the latest news from the show, visit, and join the Guerrilla Collective on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

The Guerrilla Collective is produced by The Media Indie Exchange (The MIX). The MIX was created by independent game developers and game enthusiasts during GDC in 2012 to help teams build relationships with press, publishers, distribution channel & platform leads and industry professionals. The MIX has been developing digital formats along with physical events, which have accelerated as physical events have had a global hiatus, with over 4 million views in the past year.  Additional info at