Final showcases of year!

Final showcases of year!

The calendar days are winding down for an amazing year, and we’re not quite done yet!

MIX Picks December 9, 2021 3:30 pm Pacific

Be sure to catch The MIX Picks showcase right before the the Game Awards where we will be showcasing new game reveals, exclusive announcements and indie fire as we head into the new year!

MIX Picks is part of Twitch’s Winter Gathering / Game Awards programming and we’re excited to join the festivities!

Some of the games and teams you’ll see in MIX Picks:

  • Alchemist
  • Big Blue Bubble
  • Complex Blue Studio / Critical Reflex
  • Enno Games / Freedom Games
  • Finchbird Studio / Critical Reflex
  • Feeedom Token / Freedom Games
  • Fuzzy Ghost
  • Games for Tutti / Microids
  • Interabang / Jay and Silent Bob team
  • Quite OK Games
  • Scrambler / Samurai Gunn team
  • Stormy Nights Interactive
  • Team Coreupt
  • Toppluva / Microids
  • Wallride

Where to watch: Twitch

Black Voices in Gaming, December 17, 10 am Pacific

The Black Voices in Gaming series highlights black voices in the gaming industry, dedicated exclusively to presenting games from Black developers, featuring Black protagonists, and conversations with these creators, continuing initiatives from last year.

Next week’s show will be our seventh since the series started last year and include deep dive discussions with six guests new to Black Voices in Gaming along with two guest hosts!  Additional details to come.

More info about Black Voices in Gaming here.

Where to watch: Twitch