E3 Week Best of The MIX

E3 Week Best of The MIX

The MIX presented an excellent showcase last week during E3 to shine a light on creativity, diversity and innovations from smaller developers.  As part of the showcase, we’ve got a new round of Best of The MIX games to celebrate!

Judge’s Picks
Game Informer’s Matt Miller and Indie Games Searchlight’s Mark Carr helped with judging for last week’s event.

Judge’s Top Pick: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Additional Judge’s Picks:


Aegis Defenders

Guest’s Picks

We also had attendees submit ballots to help select their favorite games of the night.

Guest’s Top Pick: Aftercharge

Additional Guest’s Picks:

Nidhogg 2

Yoku’s Island Express

Congratulations to all the winners!

We’ll have more highlights from the E3 week MIX to share shortly.