Celebrating The MIX’s First 10 Years

Celebrating The MIX’s First 10 Years

We kicked off The MIX’s 10th anniversary celebration last month during GDC week, and it was a blast – a huge milestone in our mission to create a platform to showcase the incredible talent of indie game developers. 

Over the past decade, we have featured hundreds of games captivating audiences worldwide. At The MIX, we aim to show as much variety as possible. Whether you want to save a princess, journey to a new land, or take over the world with a few of your friends, there’s something for everyone.

We’re always on the lookout for developers creating games from fresh perspectives. All the developers who are a part of the event have presented unique stories and gameplay.  

To get the 10th anniversary celebration started, we’re bringing visibility to more developer and publisher talent through our showcases.

Online Showcase – March 22

The MIX 10th Anniversary Online Showcase and Black Voices in Gaming presented new and upcoming game titles and industry guests to get the week’s events started with style. During the showcase, we dropped some amazing exclusive trailers and world premieres.  For any that missed it live on the showcase day, don’t worry, we’ve got you! 

To help with this celebration, Twitch, IGN, Steam, and GameSpot featured The Mix’s 10th Anniversary Showcase on their home pages. 

Highlights from the online showcase:

World Premiere Game Announcements:

Exclusive New Content Reveals:  

Black Voices in Gaming Showcase:

Are you ready to jump right into the Black Voices in Gaming showcase? Well, get ready to meet some of the most amazing people to hit the game scene.

We’re using this platform to introduce viewers to a number of folks we work with. We’re asking all the real questions, sharing projects, and giving viewers a chance to get to know some names making a difference in the industry. 


Onsite Showcase – March 23

The last time we were able to have an onsite showcase was in 2019, so you know we had to go all out for this one.

Press and industry guests played 31 fantastic indie games and met up with developers. It was an incredible evening, co-hosted with the good people at Limited Run.

Raw MIX – March 24

Closing out GDC week, Raw Fury and The MIX teamed up for another Raw MIX party.

Until next time … we’ll see you in The MIX!