Best of The MIX: GDC Week 2017

To help bring recognition to outstanding indie games, we’ve had Best of The MIX award winners over the past few years.  The games at each MIX event keep getting better and better! While the overall line up at last week’s MIX event during GDC week was very impressive, here are games singled out as Best of The MIX.

Judge’s Picks

Our judging panel for last week’s event included journalist Patrick Stafford (Polygon, Rolling Stone, Glixel), Fig Developer Relations lead Khahil White and Cryptic Sea’s Alex Austin.

Judge’s Top Pick: Earthfall

Patrick Stafford says “Earthfall is the most co-operative fun I’ve had in a while.”

Runners up:

The Gentleman

West of Loathing

Guest’s Picks

We also had guests submit ballots for their Best of The MIX picks.  Here are their top choices:

Guest’s Top Pick: Secret Legend

Runners up:


The Gentleman

Generous sponsors Sony, Microsoft and Astro have provided excellent prizes for Best of The MIX!