Best of The MIX — E3!

Best of The MIX — E3!

Continuing the program we started this year at GDC, we now have Best of The MIX from last week’s E3 event to announce!

Judge’s Best of The MIX Pick: GNOG

Guest judges Ludwig Kietzmann (GamesRadar US Editor in Chief) and Chloi Rad (IGN) selected GNOG as their Best of the MIX pick!

“GNOG is just so imaginative and elegantly made, neatly sealing its poke-this-and-that puzzles inside grinning monster heads,” writes Ludwig. “It feels like you’re tickling long-lost memories and discovering the neural pathways that connect them, which is probably why movie scientists enjoy dissecting monsters so much.”

Ludwig and Chloi selected Thumper as their Runner-Up.

Ludwig says “Thumper is the neon-lit din of a Daft Punk dance party, sealed inside a bullet traveling down the barrel of a gun. Though it resembles a one-tunnel racing game, Thumper is an aggressive rhythm game thriving on moody music and screen-bursting cadence.”

GameSpot Pick: Steamworld Heist

Alex Newhouse and Matt Espineli from GameSpot chose Steamworld Heist as their pick.

Guest’s Pick: Squares

We also had ballots available for all guests at The MIX.  They voted for Squares as their top pick.

Prize Sponsor

Special thanks to MIX sponsor PDP for providing prizes to the winners.

Congratulations to all!