Amazing MIX Next 2022 Fall Showcase Highlights!

Amazing MIX Next 2022 Fall Showcase Highlights!

In the third year of our now annual Fall online showcase, we presented announcements and updates from many amazing developers, introduced a new publisher spotlights show, distributed lots of free game codes and had some fun Halloween surprises too!

The MIX Next

Hosts Justin Woodward and Candace McKenney embraced the spirit of the season with some costumed shenanigans, revealing surprising costumes along with intriguing new games, footage and announcements.

Hypetrain announced Gatekeeper, DreadXP revealed Amanda the Adventurer, Thunderful shared a fun Among Us / Tinkertown cross over, and much more!

For any that may have missed the showcase, you can check it out (along with some additional costume reveals) at the link below.

Partners Steam, Twitch, IGN and GameSpot again supported MIX Next on their home pages, helping to raise visibility for these amazing games and teams!

Publisher Spotlights

Immediately after the MIX Next showcase, Akupara, Assemble, Raw Fury and tinyBuild shared new game footage and announcements from their studios in the Publisher Spotlights show.  Folks really seemed to enjoy this addition to The MIX show day and we’re looking at continuing this in the coming years.

Black Voices in Gaming

The MIX Next edition of Black Voices in Gaming featured guest hosts Destinee Cleveland and Tamika REDinFamy Moultrie along with teams creating One Beat Min, Sucker for Love: First Date, YASUKE: A Lost Descendant, High Elo Girls and B.A.T.S. Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad.

As we head into the year end holidays, we’re approaching the end of The MIX 2022 showcases … but not, quite, yet!

We’ll have The MIX at LA Comic Con up next in the coming weeks!