The Media Indie Exchange (MIX) is all about the games – created by indies and indie game enthusiasts to provide a casual yet professional setting for developers to showcase their projects to top journalists and key folks in the industry. Beginning with the first event hosted at IGN’s offices in 2012, The MIX has featured award-winning games from developers around the world for all platforms and channels. The games page (top menu above) lists developers that have shown their projects at recent MIX events.

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Present your game demo to journalists and streamers from a variety of outlets

Build relationships with industry professionals

Many of the industry’s top independent developers have shown their games at MIX events to help create visibility for their projects.  Top journalists, streamers and industry contacts regularly attend MIX events to discover interesting new games.

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Check out games you’re looking forward to, and discover some you hadn’t heard about yet

Connect with developers and learn about projects directly from creators

The MIX team stays in contact with many developers to help bring the best of the best to these events, including many fresh new projects.  The curation team reviews game submissions for each event to bring great event experiences to all attendees.

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Meet up with developers – continuing conversations with current contacts, and establishing new ones

Check out updates of interesting games you’ve been tracking and learn about new gems

MIX events have helped facilitate many interesting partnerships – new channel and platform content, publishing agreements, funding, and much more.  The MIX curation team reviews many game submissions for each event to help raise visibility for interesting projects and deliver enjoyable experiences for all attendees.

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Press Coverage

Games presented at MIX events have been covered on many large and specialty sites and channels over the years and this support means a great deal to our team and indies. Selected links: