Muse Games



The town of Hamsterdam descends into darkness as the crime boss Marlo “The Chinchilla” seizes control. The wearied townsfolk long for the return of peace and freedom from vermin oppression. As Marlo and the rodent gang leave the family cafe in smothering ruins and take his grandpa away, the young hamster Pimm is left all alone. Just when all seems lost, this unlikeliest of heroes takes on the mantle of hamster resistance.

Help Pimm rediscover the fabled Hamster-fu and rally the citizens. Get ready to dish out a mix of reactive, precisely timed attacks and good old-fashioned button mashing black and blue. Carefully time your lightning fast pounces, charge up powerful knockout strikes, and unleash devastating combos on these cottontail hoodlums. Defense against enemies relies on quick thinking and even quicker reaction.

It’s time to kick some tail! (And save grandpa of course)

Release Platforms:

  • WiiU
  • Nintendo
  • Switch
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Vita



Release Date:

November 2018